Welcome to Promodomo

Not just a housing platform, but a group of young, driven people who want to change things. How?

👉  The housing supply must be bigger. The housing market has been under pressure for a long time. Why? Because the offer is so incredibly small. And why is that? Because it is so incredibly complicated to put your home for sale. And you also always need someone else to do it. We think that is nonsense. That is why we ensure that everyone can put their home for sale, do it themselves and for free. Or put their house on 'almost for sale'. Or 'open for a bid'.

👉 To find your dream house, you need to know everything about the house and the neighborhood. And then we mean everything. Why is that not yet possible everywhere? Because they don't want you to have all the information and many professionals benefit from the fact that you don't have all the information. We do not. That is why we show everything we know about a house- and that is becoming more and more - on our platform so that you can find your dream house.

👉 You need to know what a house is worth. And then we don´t mean a standard value, but an amount that you can use. What is your house worth, and what is the price of your dream house? And what does the house next to it cost - just for reference? We work hard on a super-smart algorithm that makes itself better and better. That is why we are increasingly able to determine and predict house values. Honest, transparent and dynamic. By doing all this, we want to change the housing market to your advantage permanently. Making history and making the world a bit better and smarter.